Pivezhan Jewellery Baner

Pivezhan Manufacturing Design Group

Nowadays, the various types of jewelry models that can be found around the world abundantly, indicates the science that has arrived in this vast area of jewelry and is expanding and growing day to day, and every day we see the emergence of brands that are really shining at this field.

Pivezhan Manufacturing Design Group is an outstanding example that has been able to flourish like a distinct stone with the help of its managers’ innovative ideas and consolidate their presence in the jewelry industry.

A Bolder presence from Pivezhan brand:

Company registration in the fall of 2019 at Istanbul, Turkey, is a small corner of this big brand activities. Although the activity of its diligent managers, has started years ago and today we are witnessing the growth of this young sapling, but what can be found in the history of its activities, is the determination of many years long. And now, with the registration of the company in Istanbul, we can re-formalize it and see the activities internationally.

Targets of the Pivezhan Brand:

Promoting the quality level of producers around the world is a great aspiration to be realized through the efforts of men who do not regard progress as unique and specific, and caritas has infiltrated into their wrap and woof. Pivezhan professional group is a collection of jewellery designers whose activities revolves around 3D designing with the latest softwares in the world, such as Matrix, ZBrush, etc., and they came to this field with the aim of attracting worldwide customers. Gathering unique and beautiful jewelry designs from all expert designers and delivering them in the best possible three-dimensional format to buyers, is the promise of a huge breakthrough in this thriving and dynamic industry.

All jewelry manufacturers can get a render and non-printable file of jewelry 3D image by visiting this site primarily and before purchasing, and after thorough review, if desired, pay the money and purchase the design. Finally the design is automatically sent to the buyer. Therefore, all designers can upload their designs for sale on this website if they will. The file is printed by 3D printers after passing the expert processes and uploaded to the web site for public display. This advantage that jewelry manufacturers achieved fully professional designs at a very reasonable price and fair and affordable sale for designers, means both of them have benefited and there will be no losses to any of them.

Pivezhan Brand Website’s superiorities:

Although you, as the producer and buyer of the project, can have the 3D render and review it before making any purchase, the team has committed to work and will strive to fulfill all qualitative and quantitative standards that must be met in the designs and give a particular attention to them. Therefore, before uploading the design to the website, they review it with the help of elite and experienced experts and upload it to the website if approved.

24/7 support is another advantage provided by this website and the caring managers of this brand to all customers to bring comfort and avoid any obsession and provide comprehensive support and ideal shopping for you dears if you choose to buy.

Offering the designs on web site, means reaching out to customers globally, crossing geographical boundaries, time and space constraints, and entering the great and vast world of internet. In this way, all designers can expose their designs to the sight of global producers and attract potential customers from around the world to their designs. In this case, by accepting orders from all over the world, the site sets the ground for delivering the designs to applicants in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible price with just one email, and proves its Adherence to its usual slogan “Higher quality and Cheaper than anywhere”.

Other Pivezhan Website’s Services:

If you have a special design, you can send us a photo of that model so that the designers of the Pivezhan jewelry can make its printable file for you at the most affordable price.

Both designers and producers benefit from this website, and they move in the same direction alongside each other and shoulder to shoulder. Offering high quality designs in the shortest time and at the lowest price, and selling globally, is an advantage that these two groups have gained thanks to the Pivezhan brand’s website, which cannot be overlooked.